Welcome to Sonic Drilling Services, Inc.

Sonic Drilling Services, Inc., based in northeastern Ohio, provides a wide variety of drilling services, including:

– Geotechnical
– Environmental
– Mineral and Resource Exploration
– Geothermal
– Product Recovery
– Dewatering
– Geo-Construction

Our fleet of truck- and track-mounted drilling equipment includes the rigs listed below, as well as support vehicles and equipment to support each rig.

– Large truck-mounted Versa-Sonic rig with Sonicor® K-50 sonic/rotary head
– Small truck-mounted Sonic rig with Sonicor® K-50 sonic/rotary head
– Track-mounted SDC-390 Sonic rigs Sonicor® K-50 sonic/rotary heads
– Track-mounted AMS-17 Mini-Sonic rigs
– Track-mounted GeoProbe Mini-Sonic 8140LC rigs
– Large truck-mounted Schramm T-450 Air Rotary rig
– Track-mounted GeoProbe 6620 unit
– Track-mounted 300CME-55 auger rig
– Truck mounted CME-75 auger rig

Sonic Drilling Services, Inc. ownership has over 40 years of drilling experience; our drill crew chiefs have 15 to 30 years of drilling experience, and meet state and federal requirements. Our projects are primarily in the eastern U.S., but we have successfully completed drilling projects throughout the U.S., as well as internationally.

Currently we are licensed in:
Our clients include environmental and engineering consultants, corporations, and state and federal governmental agencies. Client references are available upon request.
Ohio • Indiana • Kentucky • Tennessee • West Virginia • Pennsylvania • New York • Connecticut
Delaware • Maryland • Virginia • North Carolina • South Carolina • Missouri • Mississippi